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  • When you ask a young adult what is most important to them, most are happy to share how they want to maintain their independence and personal freedom to live their life as they see fit. So why would anyone expect a different answer from a senior? It is no surprise to learn things change as we grow older. Our bodies change. Our minds change. Families and friendships evolve. Here are just a few signs a person may be needing support in keeping their independence: Mobility—moving between locations within the house or

  • We all know exercising is good for our health. Making healthy food choices also helps keep things in check too. But what about sleep? Many people do not put sleep as a high priority yet the benefits of catching a good night’s rest are essential in staying healthy. Here are some reasons to keep shut-eye in mind. The proper amount of rest helps improve your: Concentration level Creativity Stress level Memory Weight Mood Overall health This list is probably not too surprising but sometimes life gets busy and sleep is put at the